Open Letter to President Buhari

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Who did you think you are Mr president? I know nothing is Impossible without God but you have forgotten the patriotic citizens of Nigeria who made you the President of this country, we voted massively for you in 2015 election because we believed in you,your sincerity and that you always have the people in mind but that is not the case.

Since your inception of office,

I expect you to drastically do things in the way that it will benefit the people by changing the way thing are done before,I expect tou root out the evil in the oil sector that some people are using to bleed the State.
The foremost thing I expect you to do is to remove the damn scam subsidy as we all know that it was created to feed the cabals.

One of the interview you granted before becoming the president of Nigeria shows that you had no idea of what subsidy is and now that you are in power your government has paid over N500 billion scam subsidy money to the oil marketers.

In one of the interviews granted by former CBN Governor Sanusi show that subsidy is a scam as the CBN governor said it is used to get money from the government by some certain people, He further said this marketers will come to claim that they brought certain amount of fuel into country and they will claim subsidy money for it, Some will escalate the quantity of furl they brought in to get more subsidy money from the government and when they try to verify their claim they found nothing to ascertain their claim, That is dilemma of this country.

During your electioneering campaign last year that later made the president of this country, Governor Aregbesola said Nigerian should be buying petrol for N45/litre because the price of oil  that they are getting the petrol from is coming  down in the global market and if the price of raw materials of a producing a commodity is coming down so the price of its product should also come down.

All these can be achieved if the government removed its hand totally buy deregulation and not even fixing the price creating competition among the marketers and in doing so the government will have money to spend on  other things like the infrastructure and even this time that we need money to diversify the economy.

But instead Buhari forgets the masses like me who campaigned for him without expecting anything in return but hope for a brighter future, he forgets the poor Nigerian people who buy Isupportbuhari voucher for as low as N100, N200 to raise money for your campaign, Buhari also he forgets the Nigerian youths who campaigned online and offline relentlessly  because they believed in you and yet you embrace and chose the cabals over the masses.

Under you sir, salaries of several month are been owed and even when your government give bailout to state governors to pay salaries, they did not do so and instead they divert the money for another thing and you do nothing about it but instead you still plan to give more bail out.

I am crying and i wish someone get this letter to  the president.

These are few of the scams in the oil sector and if you are not fully aware some of your cabinet members are, because I can remember the former governor of Lagos state and now a member of your cabinet Mr Babatunde Fashola blaming the previous government  of Goodluck Jonathan for not bringing down the price of petrol as the price of crude is coming down in the global market.

its a very simple because if the price of raw materials of a production comes down so the price of its product should also come down but instead Nigerians still pay more to get petrol which a product of a crude oil that the price is crashing day by day . 

Mr President chose the cabal over the Nigerian people by allowing business to go as usual, you claim to feel our pain and yet you know nothing of our pain.

All I hear you say all most all time are promises like you are still campaigning for the presidency instead of drastic actions to be have taken and we should have been getting the result of the promised change.

With the way thing are going, nobody will be left to see the promised change if you  do not change the way thing are currently been done

Ayinlade Sikiru. A