OMG! See Top 10 Things A Woman Must Not Do To Her Man In Order To Keep Him

See Top 10 Things A Woman Must Not Do To Her Man Because If She Does, Her Marriage Is On Jeopardy…
See Top 10 Things A Woman Must Not Do To Her Man
For a sustainable and happy marriage, both husband and wife need to make so many sacrifices.
A Wife is regarded as the home maker and the pillar of every happy home. To live happily ever after, a woman must not do the following things to her husband;
1. Never put your religious leaders, friends and family needs ahead of your Husband’s. Charity, they say begins at home. You would not like being relegated in your home’s affairs.

2. Never ever compare his level of success with that of his more successful friends. Instead, encourage him to build his dreams and support him abundantly as much as you can. Women often expect men to be the capable breadwinner but he can only be that if you are supportive of his ambitions as he would be supportive of yours.

3. Never keep secrets about your personal projects such as land acquisition, buildings, shares, bonuses, business deals and any vital decision you make should be made known to him. It will be disastrous as hell if he finds out from an outsider. If you are willing to be his partner, there is absolutely no reason to keep secrets as I believe relationships should be based on TRUST.

4. Some women deny their husband love‘almost’ all the time, Never make it a habit to deny him to make love with you  because you are trying to make a point. He can also make many points between the office and home and you will not be one of those points. That, i believe is the beginning of family disintegration.

5. God is the backbone of our existence. Never miss every waking moment to pray for him and your family and wish him long life and prosperity. That does not mean a man should be left out of the prayer duties, he must of-course pray always for the well-being of his family as should you.

6. Sometimes, women go through their husbands email, phones, or office drawers because we need a bit of reassurance, It’s all completely normal as long as you don’t go overboard in your tests and start questioning everything.
If you do it without his knowledge, do not get caught.
7. Also, never ever hit him, no matter how strong a woman is, a man is multiple times stronger. A happy home is the pride of every successful woman. You would not expect your man to hit you so there is no reason to do the same.

P.S: Men, bullying your girl is an unforgivable offense, hit your pillows if you are so vexed.

8. Never parcel old quarrelsome issues for years only to burst them open on his head without warning on a day peace has reigned on.  Nagging is a terrible disease, get over it.

9. Never hurt his pride in front of his friends or your friends, molesting your man in public is not the right way to settle a score. Always keep his image clean even if you detest it otherwise file for a divorce.
10: Never stand in support of your family’s decisions over his especially in the area of Financial Assistance. Your family is as important as his family.