MUST READ: LADIES, GET IN HERE!!! See Shocking Facts About Your Bo.obs You Don’t Know

All women have B00bs but how much do you know about your B00bs? Did you know that the skin on your Brea5ts is especially thin? Or that humans are the only mammals whose Brea5ts stay full even when they’re not nursing? Here are some surprising facts about your B00bs you never knew of.

Your B00bs get fat: As you get older, the glands and collagen in your Brea5ts shrink and are replaced by heavier Brea5t tissue that will be more susceptible to gravity and start sagging. This process can be slowed down, but not prevented, by wearing a firm bra.

Your sleeping position affects your Brea5t: If you sleep facing downward or on your side, your Brea5ts may change shape over a long period of time. More specifically, sleeping on your stomach is bad for your Brea5ts because they are pressed against your mattress for hours, and sleeping on your side causes their ligaments to stretch over time. The best sleeping positions for your Brea5ts is on your side with a pillow under them for support, or sleeping on your back.

Your left Brea5t is probably larger: There is no such thing as a perfectly symmetrical set by nature; a single pair can vary in Brea5t size, N!ppl3 size, and even N!ppl3 direction. Scientists aren’t sure why, but size variations in Brea5ts normally occur because there is more tissue in the left Brea5t. In fact, this applies to 65 percent of women.