Impunity in the Nigeria education system


The recent closure of some universities in some part of the state by the school management due to peaceful protest of students showing their discomfort for the lack of water and electricity in the school which make their life difficult on campus

 This event has seen schools like university of lagos and university of Ibadan been closed down which make one to come to conclusion that the school vice chancellors and the governing councils are acting like emperors.

In university of Ibadan it is very eminent that the school authority hate any form of demonstration or any kind of protest, that is why the school management goes any length in ensuring that a push over or their puppet always emerge as the student union president so that he will always do the bid of the management, if you are very vibrant and outspoken the school will always find excuse to disqualify in one way or the other

This has been the case in university of Ibadan, we have witnessed many student been given extra year just because they participate in a protest or in most cases they are rusticated, this has kept fear in bold minds we have in the school and so the boldness begins fade away and by the time they are graduating from the system the product you get

  • is an average idiot who knows nothing except the obsolete knowledge he was taught.
  • a graduate who can’t even claim his right or let alone speak intellectually against a government policy.
  • a yes, yes, i support the motion in the house, all the ‘I’s have it when they found themselves in any governmental post.

Student can’t even speak out for lack of light or water in the school or any other issue affecting them because of the fear that the management will axe them and make a bad example of them, so how do we get productive citizen who can speak for the common man in the society  

Research shows that some of these people in top hierarchy today enjoy a better education system to the extent that activism they engaged in gave them the popularity horse they rode to power and they are now using the power to clamp down the system in other to kill activism spirit in the student

So blame not the Nigerian student who can’t even challenge a senator with the right questions but blame the powers that be and the education system in the country.

Sikiru Adewunmi