Found Chibok girl is a Scam

SCAM is when a kidnapped young lady could not escape from her abductors when she was single and without a child.... But shockingly escaped now that she's a nursing mother.... WONDERS SHALL NEVER END!

PROPAGANDA is when the controversial subsidy removal is hitting up the economy and polity, and suddenly Chibok girls started trooping out of the dreaded Sambisa forest.... DIA IS GOD OOO!!

DECEIT is when Oga welcomed terrorist (the kidnapper) and his spouse (the kidnapped), just to paint a diversionary colour. FANTASTICALLY WRONG ACTIVITIES GOING ON OOO!!!

CONFUSION is when the Army, Community and principal gave the purported rescued Chibok girl different names and different rescued locations...

ERROR is when the rescued Chibok girl who was to write WAEC exam (physics- a science subject) could not speak a single sentence in English....

STUPIDITY is when someone sees and observes any of the above and is still being deceived by APC's tricks.... D PERSON NEEDS SERIOUS DELIVERANCE....!!!!!

May God Almighty heal our land and help expose timely the deceits of this dual faced wicked monsters.

Adedapo Alonge