Finance worker, 20, who attacked her ex-boyfriend out of jealousy ordered to pay £1,350 compensation

Govey, pictured, was ordered to pay both victims £500 in compensation and fined £300 in court costs  
Finance worker, 20, who attacked her ex-boyfriend and his new lover when she saw them out together is ordered to pay £1,350 compensation

  • Chanel Govey, 20, admitted assaulting ex Tashan Fung and his new lover
  • She hit Dionne Duffus twice in the head before slapping Mr Fung
  • Govey pleaded guilty to charges at Snaresbrook Crown Court, Redbridge
  • She was ordered to pay £500 to each victim and £300 court costs

A financial worker who lashed out at her ex and his new lover after seeing them out together has been ordered to pay £1,350 in compensation.

Chanel Govey, 20, bumped into Tashan Fung and his new girlfriend Dionne Duffus as he walked her back to work after lunch in Chapel Road, Ilford, Essex.

Govey demanded Mr Fung ‘come around the corner’ to talk before striking out when the pair ignored her and carried on walking.

She hit Ms Duffus twice in the head and slapped Mr Fung across the arms last June, Snaresbrook Crown Court heard.

But Govey was stopped in her tracks when officers in a passing police car jumped out to arrest her.
She admitted two counts of assault by beating on the first day of her trial at the court in Redbridge, London.

Simon Molyneux, for Govey, accepted ‘this type of behaviour just cannot be tolerated’ and added: ‘Of course, Ms Govey knows that this is no way to react, however strongly one feels about a relationship and breaking up.’
Chanel Govey, 20, pictured, admitted assaulting ex-boyfriend Tashan Fung and his new lover Dionne Duffus after seeing them out together in Essex 
Govey had worked hard to get a job as a financial assistant and was now looking to progress further.
‘I would suggest you are not going to see Ms Govey again in court,’ Mr Molyneux added.
Sentencing Judge Nigel Peters, QC, said: ‘Well, Ms Govey, you have heard what has been said.

‘You are old enough, clever enough and bright enough to know right from wrong and you have just got to keep away from it all.
‘These things are there to test us - relationships break down and you have got to move forward.

Credit: DailyMail