EXCLUSIVE: Boko Haram Use 2million Naira Cash To Lure Traders - Umar

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The strategy Boko Haram used to recruit thousands of youths in the North
Following the advent of  boko haram and their consistent attack in the northern part of the Nigeria  has raised many question in the mind of the citizen
  • Where do they get weapons they used in carrying out their attack?
  • How do they get men who are going on suicide mission for them?
  • How do they get intelligence and supply that keep them up the task?
These are some of the many question raised in the mind of so many people without concrete answer, in this chat with a residence and a business man Mr Umar in the Northern part of the country shared his experience with TVC  on how he was approached  by the book haram and the strategy they used in luring people,
He said he was approached in his place of work by a strange man whom he didn’t know that this man bought some goods from him and over-paid him and this bordered him to ask this man questions
  • Why do you overpay me?
  • You don’t  know me before why are you so kind to me?
Mr umar said the man told him not to worryand told him that he is willing to help him with his business and the man ask him how much is his business capital and he told him 500 thousand naira and this man said ok, and left.
But to his surprise the man came back the third day and told him he was going to help him with his business, that he will give him to two million naira to aid his business and he said to the man you are still a stranger, why are you helping me? The man told him not to worry,
He told the man that he can’t accept the money because there is no reason for him to and he has been warned by his own father not to accept any offer that comes in that manner, as if his father had know what was happening, but to his surprise a lot of people has collect the money and book haram had already had spies and secret soldiers among them and he didn’t know
And later he discovered that this people after giving the money they will just come back to keep a particular thing for them and most times this thing are in bags with the instructions to keep it safely and keep it away any other eye from seeing it and inside this bags were dangerous weapons like guns and bombs but these people really the content in the bag because the reward they have gotten and what they have promised them if they successfully do what they are told to do so.
That’s why they are  able to carry out attacks and bomb several places easily because they have men and soldiers who know the perimeter, routes and escapes  of the area  in their midst
This can be linked to the high level of corruption government that has made majority of Nigerians poor which them to fall this little ploy and this poverty is so much that when people see this kind of money they don’t mind if its going cost them their lives they still accept.