6 Facts That Prove That Women Are Sometimes the Main Cause of Domestic Violence

3. Misguided utterance:
This is a very common fact among the women folk and it is so sad that many ladies do not even realize they are guilty of this because they just might believe they are making sense not knowing that they are bruising the man’s ego and killing him bit by bit mentally and emotionally.

Misguided speech sometimes come in a very subtle way from the lady who may have no clue. For instance a lady footing the bills telling her hubby that “she can not go out all day and still come home to please him sexually” or “he can not satisfy you sexually”, or funny words like “you should be thanking GOD for having me cos there are better guys out there” bla bla bla common…. A man is an egocentric person and any word that bruises his ego could bring out the beast in him.

4. Infidelity:
This account for many cases of domestic violence leading to death. Yes men cheat as well as ladies but as a lady please be extremely careful when it comes to sexual infidelity.

Scientists have proved that the effect of hard drugs on human is the same effect a heart break gives. If you must cheat on your man or hubby please i advice you just break up with such first rather than staying in that affair and cheating because the resultant effect is always a dangerous one.

5. Use of abusive words:
This is no doubt one reason why many gentle men have turned wife beaters.There are some women who can use their tongue to set a house on fire and you need to hear how some ladies speak to their spouses.

Many ladies are very erratic in speech and it is not all men that are gentle or can walk away as men are always advised.Please ladies, learn to bridle your tongues to avoid stories that touch…be submissive, be humble. be calm in your speech and avoid getting confrontational because men hate confrontations…remember…not every man is a gentle man so try to always. maintain a status quo. Understand when to keep quiet to avoid heated arguments which usually leads to violent reactions from the man.

6. Gullibility:
Yes many ladies are very gullible when it comes to handling domestic violence.There are some guys who just make it a crazy habit beating up a lady at any slight opportunity even if the lady exhibits an angelic nature.

If a man beats you once,assume its a mistake but if he tries it again,please don’t go back to your parents or waste your time reporting him to family members..go to the police immediately to report him and let him be invited to write an undertaken never to touch you again while you also maintain a proper decorum but if his madness persists,please leave that marriage or relationship immediately whether you have a child for him or not…it is better to remain single and happy than to lose your life.

Gullible ladies who have listened to funny advices from family members to remain in a violent marriage for whatever reason are not 6 feet below….Be reasonable.

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