6 Facts That Prove That Women Are Sometimes the Main Cause of Domestic Violence

A Nigerian writer has addressed some probable causes of domestic violence in relationships which has been rampant of late.
*A man who beats a woman is a beast and do not deserve to live with humans but with fellow beasts in the jungle…No matter how provoked you may be as a man,please never raise your hand to beat your wife.*

It is no longer news that many women have lost their lives through domestic violence and the more we try to put the blames on the menfolk the more we will continue to blind our eyes to the fact that indeed, many women are the cause of the domestic violence we see today because they fail to understand some important aspects of how most men are naturally wired and below are 6 facts that point to this…

1. Negligence:
Yes this is one fact many ladies will not deny because there is no accidental character and the signs of a violent man would have been there.

It is quite amazing that many ladies get beaten up by a guy they are dating and this guy will still go ahead and become their hubby and i keep wondering what these ladies were thinking saying I do to a guy who beats you up.

Many ladies usually believe such guys will change but the honest truth is that a guy who beats you up while dating you may kill you when he becomes your hubby. RUN.

2. Sophistication:
Many people will wonder what this has to do with domestic violence but it has a whole lot to do with it. Sophistication is the bane of today’s woman and the number one reason why many ladies find it hard to get a man to settle down with.

Many ladies are too sophisticated to come to terms with the fact that they are married,they still want to live a life of a spinster while married and these set of ladies will not hesitate to tell their hubby the need for him to help out in the kitchen, the need for him to cook his food and even take care of the baby and subconsciously, these ladies gradually bruise the ego of the man who may continue to stomach these things until he gets pushed to the wall and reacts in a violent way.

No matter how highly placed or sophisticated you may be as a lady,please understand that you are a wife and a mother and you must learn how to joggle these roles without turning your hubby into a domestic servant…if he decides to help out please let it be his decision.

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