5 tips and tricks to avoid tan lines on feet

julia roberts  
Are tandals (tan lines on your feet due to sandals) making your feet look unattractive and stopping you from wearing those fancy, strappy, lacy sandals? Read these easy hacks to get rid of tan lines on your feet and be as confident as Julia Roberts who walked down the red carpet at Cannes bare feet.

1.Wear socks- No, here I am not talking about the colorful bright socks but it will be the skin color transparent socks that can be easily worn with sandals or slippers so as not to expose the feet to the scorching blazing sunlight.

2. Avoid wearing slippers- I know that the heat outside forces you to wear the cool flip-flops or slippers but you have to avoid wearing them. Instead go for sneakers or something like loafers. You have to cover your feet to prevent them from tanning.

sun screen
3. Apply sunscreen- Sunscreen is the most important thing you should buy before the summer hits. Select a sunscreen with a higher SPF and apply it 30 minutes before stepping out of your home. Apply two coats of sunscreen instead of just one and keep your feet away from sun tan.

4. Foot massage- Massage your feet with a cream, lotion, moisturizer or pamper your feet with a pedicure. Moisturizer will nourish your feet and soft, clean feet will not tan easily. After moisturizing, don’t forget to scrub your feet.

tan packs 
5. Tan packs- If you are too late in reading about it and have already got tan lines on your feet, then don’t worry. You still have tan packs to save you. Use the tan packs before your feet tan more and start looking more unattractive.