25 Most Gorgeous Female Politicians

15. Emma Kiernan

The Fine Gael councillor (that’s an Irish politician) was involved in a ‘Boobgate’ investigation after a picture came forward of a friend grabbing her frontal parts. To make matters worse an ex-boyfriend was the one that brought the infamous picture to a local newspaper.

14. Michele Bachmann

The republican congresswoman from Minnesota is usually never high in the polls, but she is always at the top of the looks list. It doesn’t take a rocket science to understand why she gets elected. Just take a second to observe.

13. Ayla Malik

Ayla comes from a powerful Pakistani family, and is a former member of the National Assembly from 2002-2007. She also established herself as a television personality and journalist. Unfortunately in 2013 Ayla was disqualified by a two-member election tribunal over submitting her fake intermediate degree. Looks like she took fake it til you make it a little too far.

12. Anna-Maria Galojan

Described as one of Estonia’s “most popular politicians and public figures”, Anna-Maria is only 33 years of age but has already experienced a full life in the public eye. She was made infamous for her embezzlement charge in Estonia, her exile in London, and extradition process within the English courts. But most importantly, she appeared on the cover of Estonian Playboy in 2009.

11. Mary Bono Mack

She replaced her husband Sonny Bono’s seat in the California Congress in 1998, and she currently holds the position of Senior VP of a major consulting firm. Talk about being well rounded, political AND business acumen? Score.