Etisalat Lattest Android Setting For Psiphon To browse the Internet for free

Image result for psiphonHello everyone,
i've discovered a new way to browse the internet and download unlimitedly virtually free using psiphon application

what is psiphon?
its an app that make u surf the internet for free, but it has setting which must be applied, this setting is what people dont have, but here i will be sharing my setting with you,
i have been using this setting for long now and its still working so thats why i decided to share it with you.

firstly click HERE todownload psiphon app

secondly, Install and open open the app on your phone
Then follow this settings
A the first page apply these settings
1. leave the fronthquery blank, the middle and back query too shouldalso be blank, Add port to non port Url should be empty
 Then check the remove server port
chang host to 'Real Host'
the Custom Header to ' X-Online-Host'
the Proxy Server to ''
leave theusername and password empty
then the Real Proxy Type to 'Default'
Real proxy server should be left empty
the Real Proxy Port should be se to '80'

make sure you follow all the above setting and click or tap the SAVE below

After Saving A dialog box will appear asking you to check a box to trust the app check the BOX and click ot tap OK

then another page will appear which the top menu will be 4 namely
Home  Stats  options   logs

Click the Options Set the country to United States
then click on more option

Another page will appear
check the play sound box so that it will play sound when the app connects

check the vibrate box too

check the 'Connect through HTTP on Proxy'
under it you will see 'Use network setting also Check or Choose this Option too

then click on back

Note: This setting works with Etisalat  network if you have one just migrate to Easy click and if you don't have go and get one and migrate or make sure the line is on easy click

you will recharge #200 airtime and dial *343*6*10#
#150 will charged from your account  then set your network to 3G for fast connection and then make your data connection is ON
and each time you recharge you will get bonus of 200 or 300 to call any other network lines

its only this #150 that you will be recharging on weekly basis
when i recharge #200 this week after i subscribed with #150 before it expires i will recharge another #100 so that i will be able to use it for the following week

Go back to Psiphon open the app, ensure that all the setting above are adhere to then
at the first page Tap Save, then a dialog box appears asking you trust the app
check the 'I trust this application' option
the app automatically starts and if it doesnt click or tap start below
then wait for some secs the app coneects and you can start browsing, streaming on the internet unlimitedly