We are not protesting Under Mask: students tells UI management

The University of ibadan management realeased press statement yesterday claiming that the student are on heavy mask, and are vandalising the school properties the students, NANS, and other conserned body also released their press statement to in response to the school management claims. The statement reads:

The attention of the leadership of the National
Association of Nigerian Students’ Oyo Axis has been
drawn to a calculated attempt by the management
of University of Ibadan to manipulate the public
about the recent happenings on campus.
Instead of admitting a failing if not failed system,
the management has resorted to the use of evil and
satanic propaganda to smear the image of the
students of the University of Ibadan and NANS at
In the bulletin released on the 26th April 2016, the
University cooked up lies from the pit of hell that the
protesting students were on HEAVY MASK
remind them that there were media coverage of the
protest by various media houses in which it is
evident that after being pushed to the wall by a
clear sign of incompetence and lackadaisical
approach towards matter displayed by the
University management, the protesting students
came out boldly unmasked damning all
consequences to demand FREEDOM from the fangs
of oppression.
If at all any student was operating under a MASK,
then that should be their biological children who also
joined in the protest. While these children could not
but join in the protest since they know the bitter
truth, they might have resulted into wearing HEAVY
MASKS as claimed to avoid their parents (the
university management) from easily identifying
Another evil propaganda raised by the University is
that the protesting students employed the use of
Vandalism during the protest. This is laughable as
even history is a strong testimonial to the fact that
protests in the UNIVERSITY OF IBADAN are always
more than peaceful. For avoidance of doubt, we
challenge the University to produce evidence of any
form of vandalism during the protest.
We once again echo that it is callous to say there
was any form of vandalism during the protest but
since their biological sons and daughters were also
around during the protest, maybe they were the
ones that did it.
A line also used in this bulletin is that the protesting
students were going under the fathom claim of one
semester of a student who ordinarily should have
been expelled.
Well this statement coming out from the University
management is not disappointing at all as the VICE
CHACENCELLOR during an interview was quoted to
have reportedly said that his number one priority
are the STAFF not the STUDENTS.
It is only logical to ask whether there is need for the
existence of STAFF in the first place if STUDENTS
do not exist on campus
It is also disturbing to ask why none of the sons and
daughters of the University management has been
brought to face SDC talk less of getting rusticated
even though some very courageous ones among
them have self-confessed in the public domain to
be part of many protests at one point or the other.
Maybe there is a law that makes these students
immune to disciplinary hands of the callous
We hereby advise the management to do what is
right as it is audible to the deaf and visible to the
blind that something is wrong somewhere. Can we
say both NASU, SU AND NANS are wrong all
It is in this same school under this same
administration that NASU protested and prevented a
matriculation from holding.
The students have informed us that the University
is planning to forcefully send students home
tomorrow, we have also informed the Department of
State Security Services and the Nigeria Police
We will only advise the University not to attempt
harassing or using any form of force to send
students away as THIS IS THE ERA OF CHANGE
where everyone is ready, fully ready to say No to
any form of oppression, intimidation, victimization
and even spring up a revolution.
We advise the Vice Chancellor not to forcefully
withdraw students from the University campus as
this may lead to unexpected circumstances
because information reaching us that students of
the University are already building up resistance
against such move.
Our Stance are Unshaken
1. The Vice Chancellor should use his esteem office
to redress the case of Tunji-Ekpeti Michael (MOTE)
brought before the Student's Disciplinary Committee
(SDC) held on Wednesday March 30th, 2016.
2. Improvement in Welfare Conditions on Campus
It is pertinent we remind the University once again
that, had they done their parts in ensuring adequate
power, water and other welfare conditions on
campus, there would not have been a need for a
protest in Independence Hall at first.
Aluta Continua!
Victoria Ascerta!
NANS JCC, Oyo State.