Vacancy in the senate

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Following the development in the Senate President Bukola Saraki’s case with the code of conduct tribunal which looking clearer that Saraki will dance to the tune of the Tribunal and might be convicted, and the factions in the senate are considering their options as for where to shift their support.

Some members of the PDP has said it would produce the next senate president if Saraki goes down and the APC internal politicking is going on as for who will be the possible replacement if Saraki goes down.
The questions is who will dare to take the throne of the senate with the way Saraki’s case is going its becoming clearer that if you have any skeleton in your cupboard don’t near the seat of the senate presidency or any major public office and its becoming clearer that buhari’s administration is not ready or likely to negotiate or make any shady deals to cover up any dirt made by any political officer.