Top of the rock! Terrifying climb up 300 foot sandstone tower in Utah

Top of the rock! The Tower is world-renowned as a subject for photography and its rock climbing routes
    The climber managed to reach the summit of a 300ft sandstone tower
    Known as Ancient Art in Fisher Towers, the rocky outcrop is hard to climb because of its corkscrew shape, leaving little room for error

A rock climber was able to capture his terrifying ascent up a corkscrew monolith known as Ancient Art in Fisher Towers, Utah.

The climb was all caught on camera thanks to a helmet-cam.

The adventurer is the first of his climbing buddies to tackle the ascent and insets hooks and a rope into the sandstone so that those who follow him will h ave an easier ascent.
At one point, the man has to make a jump between two sections of rock to which his friend tells him, 'It's just like walking on the sidewalk!'

Fisher Towers are a series of towers made of Cutler sandstone capped with Moenkopi sandstone and caked with a stucco of red mud located near Moab, Utah.

 The Towers are named for a miner who lived near them in the 1880s. The Tower is world-renowned as a subject for photography and for its classic rock climbing routes.

Photographs of the unusual cork screw summit have been extensively published in many settings including mainstream advertisements.
Suited and booted: The climber laid ropes down so that his party could also attempt the summit  Reaching out: At one stage of the climb, it's necessary to jump across a narrow ledge
Roped in: The climber's friend can be seen in the distance here as he starts to make his ascent Rich reward: The view from the top of the surrounding Utah countryside is simply stunning

Ctredit: Dailymail