Tinubu building up Against Buhari in SouthWest – Observers

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Following the return of Olusegun Oshoba to the APC which was achieved after the meeting of Bola Tinubu and some other party members with the former Social Democratic Chairman
Some as passive this development as a ploy by Bola Tinubu to hold his strong hold in the south west against that of President Buhari as one of the key prominent member of the APC in south west and the Governor of Ogun State senator Ibikiunle Amosun  was absent in the meeting  and Amosun is perceived as President Buhari’s man in the South west.

It was reported not long ago that Buhari is wooing the national leader of the party Bola Tinubu’s support in other for him to grasp the full control of the party as there was divide in the party as some Gladiators in the party are building up for 2019.
Some of the gladiators is the silent and recently children feeder in person of the former vice president Atiku Abubakar see saraki’s trial as ploy to bring him down against other member who believe if saraki is found guilty he should dance to the tune of thr tribunal.