South Korea unveils ZIKA PROOF Olympic kits: Long-sleeved training tops are dyed with mosquito-repellent to guard against virus at Rio games

South Korea revealed their training kit for the Olympics in Rio which is dyed with mosquito-repellent

    South Korea have designed Olympic training gear to ward off Zika virus
    Athletes kits are long sleeved and even dyed with mosquito-repellent
    There are concerns about devastating Zika virus ahead of the games in Rio
    Virus spread by mosquitoes has been found to cause horrific birth defects
    South Korean competitors will wear the kit at ceremonies and in training
    But IOC rules do not allow such modifications to in-competition clothing
South Korea's Olympic committee have unveiled long-sleeved shirts and pants it says will help protect the country's Olympic athletes from the mosquito-borne Zika virus at the Olympic Games in Rio.
The specially designed uniforms have been created to try and guard against Zika virus whilst in Brazil The Athletes will wear the outfits during opening ceremonies, in the athletes village and during training
The attire will be dyed with mosquito-repellent chemicals and will be worn by athletes during ceremonies, training and at the athletes' village, the Korean Olympic Committee said.

The committee said it couldn't make changes to the uniforms worn during competition because of strict rules and performance concerns, although athletes will be allowed to use spray during competition.
Brazil has been fighting to stem the spread of the Zika virus which is known to cause severe birth defects, including microcephaly, a condition in which a baby's head is significantly smaller than normal.

The threat of Zika has emerged as a major concern in the buildup to this year's Olympics along with construction delays and the political turmoil in Brazil.

A team of South Korean government and Olympic officials visited Rio earlier this month to inspect Olympic venues and local hospitals that could treat the infected.
However, the kit worn in competition is subject to special IOC rules and can not be modified in the same way The Korean Olympic Committe will be providing all of its athletes with guidelines on how to prevent Zika
The Korean Olympic Committee said it expects to soon provide guidelines to Olympic athletes and others travelling to the games about how to protect themselves from Zika.

Team GB also revealed their kit for this summer's Olympic and Paralympic games on Wednesday, designed by Stella McCartney and made by Adidas.

Jessica Ennis-Hill and Tom Daley were among the athletes who modeled the gear at the launch in London.

Credit: DailyMail