Real women tell what sex during pregnancy is like!

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Wondering how pregnancy will affect your sex life? Real women share their experiences and tips.
If you are trying to conceive, you probably gave little thought to sex during pregnancy. While sex itself is beautiful, pregnancy can change a lot of things including your sex drive. We spoke to moms, and not surprisingly almost all had similar experiences and concerns.

‘First of all, you don’t want to have sex during pregnancy because you are too tired. The sex positions can get tough unless you are just sticking to the missionary position. It is, however, nice to be intimate, cuddle and kiss but the real action is a strict no’ says Mrs Chadda.

Zainab says, ‘Most of the times you are not in the mood. You are nauseous in the initial days of pregnancy, and you simply don’t want to invest so much energy in an activity. You’d rather go off to sleep. Sex almost becomes impossible in the third trimester of pregnancy.’
Mrs Dutta—‘ Sex is possible during pregnancy, but you need to be extra careful so that there is no pressure in your stomach. The pleasure is however missing. You are always worried that the penetration does not hurt the foetus.’
‘Men are afraid of having sex during pregnancy because they think they will hurt the foetus. You may not like what you loved before. For example, stimulation of breasts may not give you any pleasure. The sex drive could be completely missing. Women on top, however, can be a comfortable position’ says Asha.
Anupama says, ‘Sex during pregnancy can be complicated because you are tired and more than half of the time you are worried you want to pee. Foreplay during pregnancy is fine but nothing which is strenuous. You can be generous to your partner and indulge in oral sex to keep the excitement alive.’
So, always remember to listen to your body and do what feels comfortable during pregnancy. Talk to your gynaecologist about your pregnancy concerns. Reiki can help pregnant mothers and unborn babies. Also, find the answers to all your questions on sex during pregnancy.