Police Recruitment 2016: Pray Hard If You're In This Group

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It is too alarming the rate in which Nigerians have shown interest so far for 2016 recruitment into Nigeria Police Force. It's indeed a failure on the part of government for failing to provide a more better job opportunities to average graduates and Nigerians. The bitter truth is that after every struggle, it won't stop them from following the warning giving to candidates before they commenced their registrations.

Therefore, the following categories of applicants should pray more harder because their chances of being selected is limited.

1. Double registration: I was interacting with one guy last week and he boldly told me that men, " 9ja no be where person go dull himself especially for this kind Olopa things. According to him, I don already applied for Inspectorial role but since na naija we dey, I say mek I quicklyma run Constable own sharp sharp" I told him OK. that he needs God's favour to be shortlisted. If you belong in this category your name is unto thee I submit my good luck. 3% of applicants fall into this group.

2. AGE FALSIFICATION: This group has the largest part of applicants . Some claimed that they entered primary school at the age of 2-3. Some also claimed that they are single even when they already have four children. Haba, 9ja people, na who dey fool who? Let's just believe that it's rumour that those above 28years are allowed to apply but the truth is ,you that claimed to be under 28 and already have 2 children, Na when you wan retire? Just add 35 years in service to your real age and tell us whether you be Mandela mate. Some 19-22 years also applied as an Inspector but na God hand we dey.Bitter truth is that over 30%/ of applicants are in these categories.

3: FAKE CERTIFICATE: Some applicants trying to overcome the challenges placed upon them by bad governance and poor economy strives to falsify their credentials in order to meet up with the general requirement. But wait o, Federal government no get conscience self. How dey want graduate wey don dey jobless for the past 5 years survive without any palliative to survive. This thing no fair shall. About 5% may fall victim of this.

4. WRONG FILING OF FORM : A lot of people do bunnecessary mistake in filing their forms. It's very pertinent to take time by reading your information typed before submitting your application. How can you come from one State and fill another state of origin in the name of typographical error. Some applicants even went to the extent of filing a course they didn't study. You need God intervention if you are in this category. Funny enough 7% will fall victim.

5. THE DISABLED/ Tattoo, and fresh surgery : We all know that there is always a reason for any action for human deformity. Some physical challenge people may not be short listed except through God's intervention. A lady just told me that she had surgery, appendicitis to be precise less than two years ago but still registered. The bitter truth is that no law enforcement agency or Force can take someone that may have been diagnosed and undergone surgery in less than two years. But, God can still turn anything around. I believe in miracle. And for the baddos ( tattoo), I wish una best. 2% occupies this categories of applicants.

6. FLATFOOTED: Hardly will they collect these categories of candidates. If you're flatfooted unlike Army recruitment, your chances of landing the job is 50/50. The people in this group occupies 1%.

In all, what we need is prayer because, the battle is not even for the wisest or strongest but the favour of God on your screening day.

Nigerian graduates looking for job, the appointed time has come for us to make our choices. I believe God will favour us in one way or the other. Even if Police or Army job didn't work for you and I , Federal job is certain as far as Buhari is concerned.