'Pls do not Leave" - PDP BOT Chairman Begs Members

Acting chairman of the PDP's Board of Trustees(BOT) Wale Jibrin has appealed to members of the party not to leave,urging them to remain loyal. Jibrin made the appeal on Thursday at the party's 70th National executive council meeting(NEC).

He said;

"Many of us who are founding members of PDP will not leave the PDP and the PDP will never die. We will continue to be in PDP. Whatever mistake that is there in the party, we must be there to correct it and make our contribution, leaving PDP is not the answer.I will like to appeal to everyone who intends to leave PDP to stop that, we must unite and all work together in order to build PDP. PDP is within a very good marking and I do not think I see anything wrong with PDP. Every party has its own problems and we should use our own problems positively. I am sure soon, the whole problem in PDP will be resolved.”

He also NEC meetings should be utilised in a way that would benefit the party.

“We are very aware of various meetings everywhere,I have decided that I will not attend any meeting apart from the properly organised meetings because we have to be very careful in the way we hold meetings these days.”