Parent Bought Pirate Cartoon Met surprised Parkage Inside

Original copies of cartoons and children media entertainments are expensive,  hence pirated copies are very cheap and are selling like crazy.

I am not encouraging the purchase of pirated works, but when buying a pirated children's cartoon or educational videos, please preview it alone first before exposing your children to it.

A friend bought a pirates copy of "Tom and Jerry". It was a lazy Friday the kids where napping and we decided to catch a little action of the feuding cat and mouse.

30 minutes into the an interruption of scheduled program, a hardcore pornographic movie came on. shocked See us scampering for the remote, like it was a kill switch to an atomic bomb grin

Thank God the kids were not in the sitting room. Mummy would have explained; " why one aunty didn't wear her pant and was shouting..Harder! Harder!! Harder!!