Nigerians calls for deregulation as fuel scarcity bite harder

The recent fuel scarcity the country is suffering from is biting harder as filling station are stack with Nigerians looking for fuel, some get to filling stations as early as 5am in other to get gas.
This has made Nigerians to ask questions if the government of the APC know what is going on in governance and if it has any plans to solve the problem before he took over office because following the removal of the subsidy in January and Nigerians are still finding it hard to get the product, with the scarcity biting harder which saw Nigerians buy petrol for N200, N220 and even N250 which make the very few filling stations who are still selling at the controlled price of N86.50 pile up with countless number people and you begin to wonder where are these stations getting the petrol from that they are selling at controlled rate and where are  others getting theirs that makes them sells at exorbitant price,

The minister of state for petroleum resources Ibe Kachikwu saying he is not a magician and that this would not go down until may which say many Nigerians including the national leader of the APC Bola Tinubu calling for the head of the minister before the minister retract his statement, apologize and promised that the scarcity will come down by 7th of April, with reports having it  that the government is considering returning the subsidy and also has increased the share right it gives to independent marketers  to bring in the product.
But recently the government has come back to assert that there is no going back in subsidy removal on the petrol its makes series of questions to pop up from Nigerians that if there is no subsidy on the product then why is the product not flowing freely as it supposed to which has made some Nigerians call president buhari to deregulate the product may be that will solve the problem.
As it stands is not likely that the scarcity will be over by April 7th