my experience today at PHCN office Ajibode

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Today we select ourselves from Aho estate Ajibode UI and we went to PHCN office to return the exorbitant bill they brought despite massive decrease in the number of times they brought light, and explain to the head in the office that this is not our bill, reading were not taken from our meter by ur agent because there was no light so where did this bill come from? And he said its an estimated bill, and we asked him who estimate it? He couldnt answer us directly so we told him that we are not paying any money until they get d readings on our meter to determine our money if not no money and none of them should come to our street until we see light and when there is light they will come on the account of coming to take reading not disconnection as they use to do after 2 or 3 days of bill distribution and we agreed vut he begged us to take back the bill that if he collect it back he might loose his job. But they will come wen there is light to take our reading as promised and they will not disconnect us until they get our actual reading. 
And i told him that we the customers of PHCN can decide not to pay if they did not bring light for 48hours as it state in the act binding PHCN and its customers and he said he knows but he was shock that i can know that cos i can see it in his face. 
We must always talk no matter what, once you know your right, demand for it immediately without hesitation. 
Good governance come from good and active followership who are there to always keep the government on their toes.