Healthy diet tips: Tea, coffee, egg +3 foods that inhibit your iron absorption

6 foods that can inhibit your iron absorption 
It is a known fact that iron is an essential element and iron deficiency, or anemia, can cause symptoms like fatigue, light headedness, bouts of dizziness and breathlessness. Studies have found that most Indian women suffer from anemia, which is a serious health concern. Did you know that consuming certain food items could interfere with the process of absorbing iron? These are the 6 foods you should consume in moderation if you're iron deficient.

Black tea 
Studies have found that black and herbal teas can inhibit the absorption of iron by 50-70% [1]. While you need not stop drinking tea altogether, remember to consume tea only between meals and not along with your food.

Just like tea, coffee is another beverage that can interfere with your body's iron absorption abilities[1]. This is because coffee and tea contain polyphenols which are directly responsible for inhibiting iron absorption.

Bad news for chocolates lovers but studies have found that cocoa can inhibit iron absorption by nearly 71% [1]. It would be a good idea to cut down on the amount of chocolates you eat if you're diagnosed with anemia.

The proteins from soybean or even soy products tend to get in the way of iron absorption because it contains an acid known as phytate. This acid has the tendency to bind with iron and hence prevents your body from actually absorbing it.

Calcium rich foods like milk and other dairy products are also known to inhibit iron absorption [1]. Anemics should consume cheese, yoghurt or curd, among others in moderation.

While there's no doubt that eggs are one of the healthiest foods, it also has its own set of cons. A study published in the American Journal of Nutrition revealed that eggs also contain a protein that binds with iron and prevents it from getting absorbed.

source: thehealthsite