Ever Seen A Lady With Big Thighs? Here Are Their Struggles


1.Pencil skirts.
Nope, not for you. It is not a good feeling
having your thighs smooshed together, but
subjecting them to that torture chamber is
just inhumane.

2. Pants.
Finding the right pants can be a nightmare.
Nothing wants to slide over your golden
thrones. Why can't life just be easy?

3. Sweat.
We know it's gross, but it's a fact. Between
those luscious legs is an entire pool of sweat-
filled fun. Can't we just take a minute to air it

4. Cellulite:
While you by no means need to have big thighs
to have cellulite, the two do enjoy going hand-
in-hand. Whatever life throws at you, you know
you perfect!

5.Awkward fit:
You've done the work to find pants that
actually fit, now to make them look good.
Pairing shirts with the right pants is too much
work; who has time for that in the morning?
Skinny jeans give you a fun house mirror shape
and long shirts stretch into oblivion.

6. Shorts:
Rideage all day long. Sitting, walking, riding a
bike - all are a task and a half when it comes
to big thighs and shorts, or any thighs and

7. Inner wear-and-tear:
When your legs rub together all day it creates
friction. Friction is no fun. Your jeans get all
torn up and you're left with an outright mess.

8. Trash vs. class:
Want to wear a formfitting dress? Good luck.
It doesn't seem to matter how you dress those
legs up, it comes off just a little trashy, and
don't even try to wear a long slit. Our
philosophy? If you like it, own it and rock it!

9. Knee-high nos and woes:
Again with the pulling. Why can't stores and
designers understand thighs come in all shapes
and sizes? Everyone wants to be cute, and
knee-high socks that are ill-fitting are not

10. The rash dash:
The rubbing of the legs all day is more than
unpleasing to the eye, it's painful! After a
warm day and a dress, you know you're in for
a fun two weeks of red rash pain. Do your best
to keep those legs apart and put an end to the

11. Online shopping:
Forget ordering anything that belongs below
the waist. Chances are it will not fit. The
reality is a sad, sad world. So when it arrives,
you're excited with glee, only to be

12. Run, slap, run:
That beautiful noise made by your thighs,
almost like an applause for getting up and
being active.

13. Thigh gap:
We're over hearing about the thigh gap. It just
isn't going to happen and we're okay with it!

14. Must contain stretch:
If you want to wear jeans, they best contain
at least 10% spandex or those bad boys are
not going on easy.

15. One-time wear:
Pants can generally be recycled a few times
before washing them. Of course, that is only if
your thighs don't stretch them all to crap.

16. Swing life away:
Headed to the park for a little bit of fun?
Good luck fitting in the swings, pinching ahead.

17. Whistle that tune:
You know that wonderful whistle when you walk
and your jeans whistle at you? Yeah, I hate
that. We get it, legs, you want attention, you
want us to show you off, just stop please.

18. Sexualization:
For some reason people seem to think big
thighs means they can objectify you. You
can't, please move on.

19. Two birds with one stone:
When your one leg is the size of both of your
friend's. No one loves that, but hey, you have
your assets, flaunt them!

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I obviously didn't write dis. Saw it in one old thread like that and decided to reshare: