EROTIC SERIES: Harder (Episode 1 - 5) Written By Lass_peszy

Not every guy is a sex monger that much I know ,Not every sex Monger is a bad person (Maybe), Not every bad girl is a Bitch too. What I don't understand is how I fit into this story ; I understand that I'm blabbering like a young school girl about to have sex for the first time, School girl I'm not but this is definitely my first real sex.

Its gonna change my life maybe but it's worth a shot I mean the dudes I don't lay dump me hopefully this would make him stay (I do know it sounds childish but HELP! A young girl is loosing her sanity here)
The knock jogged me out of my daydream....its Jack...
(Do y'all even know him? My bad...ok let's start this from the very beginning)

My name is Eva Thompson, I'm a 24years old graduate of Banking and finance (with a First class *grins* ) ,I'm an only child (never got to me tho) , I'm the Operations head of Emirates Bank ; oh but I've got a killer body (Not like I care tho, I'm a busy Person.

 Don't gimme that look I try my best) ,I've got limited friends everything ends on phone (I'm blabbing again, I'm sorry)

This is the story of my one night stand (not really a one night stand tho....lets just say a love affair that didn't survive the night *grins*)

It all started on this fateful day (ok, that was a lie I woke up a percent away from being crazy in plain English, I woke up late but I still knew something great was in store for me . the day was fucking bright or so I thought)

After settling down for the day I had an urgent need to jerk off (sexual urges must be satisfied, ain't no saint) I actually went to ease myself tho pardon my thoughts ,it was on my way back to the office I heard this noise (did I tell you I can do amebo too? I can't o)

Episode 2

As we entered my office i felt myself being held in strong warm hands my inner goddess purrs awake (wait for it bitch! Im gonna get kissed), his warm lips met mine and (Wait! Did i say it was a kiss? Hell no! Its no kiss its a mind blower,I felt myself drip) He threw me into seventh heaven , i just stood there quite dumbfounded (well, its an act I so love the kiss) then He said "Been waiting to do that for seven years Eva".

You know me? I managed to whisper (sounds stupid how'd he say my name if he doesn't), Jack smiled and said im here for my statement of account ,how is Mike by the way?  (Do y'all even know Mike? Even i doubt if i ever knew him ,hes fine o)

I've been watching Her from a distance for a long while; shes pretty different ,beautiful, smart just the mention of her name Gives me Butterflies : Eva.
Shes a goddess alright and i knew without doubt that shes the one for me but i don't want to get hurt again,I've barely recovered from my last heart break , i just want to be sure she's worth the fight.

Eva :
I kept staring into his eyes hoping for answers he obviously would not give me, my inner goddess gives me a glare (You're so into him!) He even makes me nervous i never get nervous around men , He frowns a little and a deep V shows on his forehead (damm! Looks sexy as hell!) "Mike is fine "i finally replied

I felt her tense in my arms the same way i feel her eyes boring into my soul and seeking for answers i knew i was too forward asking after Mike but i was losing my head around her ,i need to buy my way into her life and fast.
So, Eva how about dinner?

Episode 3

Eva :
Dinner? I'm not sure that is a good idea i leave office by 8 and id need to rest ,maybe some other time
(My inner goddess has that im so gonna see where this ends look on her face; ey don't bitch on me i want the date but i can't look cheap)

I know shes playing hard to get , no problem nothing a quickie can't fix .
I stood up to leave and she volunteered to walk me as she moved close to me....

He pulled me close and spread kisses on my face after a while he locked his lips on mine and started to undo the buttons on my shirt before slipping his hands under to cup my breast's with both hands , i felt his erection and heat on my pussy (well, its kinda a good feeling )

I felt her shiver in anticipation and I knew I wasn't done with her yet, I gently pinched her breasts which fit my hands like they were molded just for me she mourned into my mouth and moved closer into me (I badly want her the need to feel her up with my manhood consumes me but I know she might hate me if i tell her what I know)

He releases me slowly and a pang of dissatisfaction bores a hole into my heart, I feel rather speechless ( I need to know why he stopped but what if I create a wrong impression and he thinks I'm a nymphomaniac.

So, dinner? I ask again (I need to own her but I know there's a risk of losing her if she finds out the truth I just hope she finds it in her heart to forgive me)
Please don't say No Eva, think about this carefully, I have a lot to tell you and I wanto make love to you too, I'm not forcing you but you can't deny me this request

(I shivered again at the thought of his body on mine )
Jack don't be annoyed but.......
Episode 4

Eva :
I'm not promising but I'd try my best to make it even tho I doubt if there's anything you know about me

I stare at the floor in shame ,I'm very grateful Eva
(She thinks I don't know her, but I've been controlling her life for some years now,and I mean every aspect of her life)
But,how sure are you that I know nothing about your life?

That reminds me you asked after Mike (he's my first and last bf people *snifs*) where did you hear about him? How did you know I dated him? What do you know about me? Are you some kinda stalker?

To a level I'm a stalker because the day I met you,I knew I didn't want to spend my forever with anyone else it just had to be you. So, I sent Mike to you to fend off other guys but it started affecting his relationship with Amanda he had to call it quits with you: with pain in my heart I watched you cry ,become a shadow,heal and move on then I knew I couldn't stay away anymore I just have you be with you.
A real man is nothing without his Woman, Eva I refuse to see a future without you.

(I could feel his sincerity as his eyes bore into my soul with pain in them but then it hit me, He planned my first ever relationship and ruined it too technically, Amanda ruined it but doesn't matter, he gave me love and took it away ,he's the reason I nearly gave up on life)
Just so you know,I wouldn't be meeting you now or ever (part of me wanted him to fight for me since he claims to love me but all he said was)

Whenever you change your mind ,you know where to find me Eva. I pulled her close again she does fit perfectly in my arms ,I kissed her breath away turned and left

Eva: I have a feeling I wouldn't see him ever again and that hurts

Jack : I'd never go after her until she comes for me

(Seems like its Time for letting go.)

Eva :
(Its been a while I've seen Jack or heard from him (3months actually) seems like he has given up on me (the thought hurts) Ever since he walked out the door all I've been having was constant nights the sun has refused to shine in my days ,sounds silly to the ear but I miss him and I've fallen for him. It takes a Man to do what he has done and now I have decided to be the Woman) Hello, may I speak to Mike please?

Eva! Babe, been a while hope you're good?

Yeah I'm not good and I need your help to be fine, I need Jack to be fine Mike

I see you've met, I'd tell him you tried to get in touch dear ; don't worry dear he's all yours he's been smitten by you as long as I've known him .

Thank you dearie,I'm grateful.
(I started to expect his call which never came through until a week after when I got a bouquet of roses with a card that read)

"Dare I save all my sorrys for you,would you meet me halfway on the eve of the morrow?

Episode 5

Snap outta it Bitches! (Pardon my French) He's mine.
I'm so excited to finally meet Jack again (dare I say He's got a Romantic soul), ever since I've got his note Bae been slipping into day dream (pardon me, I'm "titanic " struck).
Woke up late today but pretty excited I'd be seeing him today, not on the "Eve" but "Noon" ( I took my time to dress, make up) Rushing into the office ( Underestimating actually I dashed in like a chased mad woman , he'd be here soon (very very soon).
My joy is short lived as hours roll by and Jack doesn't show up, I become sad maybe today just ain't my lucky day : I kept searching for files, ignoring important details, the void in my heart kept enlarging , I skipped meetings (forgot actually and didn't care, all I just wanted to do was get home and crawl into a warm bath but the day kept dragging itself which was actually pretty annoying I was throwing fire at everyone for every ignorable mistake and i can tell you it Felt horrible it was like having your heart broken all over again)

After fumbling with my key I felt pulled turned and my backside hit the door, His hot breath hits my forehead I needed no light to know who it is ....JACK!

Leaving her took a whole chunk out of me but work had to be attended to.
Immediately I got back from Los Angeles, I sent Flowers and a note pretty excited about meeting her in the Morning before she called to cancel and fixed it for Noon after reluctantly  agreeing a plan came to my mind (Devilish plan actually I'm taking her tonight hopefully with her consent but then if she tries to not consent I'd make her "Power of a Guy" or something like that)

He has me facing him with just one turn and places a wet kiss on my lips then murmurs in to my ear about he has missed me or something like that not like I could hear, I've been drifted into seventh heaven . I snugged close till I could almost feel his manliness hitting the outer side of my core but it was cut short again I almost felt a pang of disappointment  then I realized  he was trying to get the door open which to me means he's coming (more like cuming)  into my abode then he almost dragged me in (not like he had to with the feeling I've got I'd cross seas of fire to get to him)

This is what they call bliss right?  I pushed her down and struggled out of my clothes  then took my time telling her how to strip (her gown is damn hot by the way but it seems like too much of fabric  now,  that went first)  I pulled her close to me and kissed her Navel then she blessed me with a sexy moan Which turned me on the more I undid her bra then tossed her panties to the floor then I knelt before her and licked her pussy clean,  She kept climaxing and that filled me with a joy I kept going  on till she became  too sore and tired to even lift her head or move her legs then I flipped over and entered her with every trust I kept feeling her ass on my manly hair and that made me feel like I could  go on forever  I must admit she's a strong girl she kept going  on And on then I felt myself  tense and I spilled my seeds into her without  as much as an objection she took it all in with the last breath I could take I managed to whisper into her ears "I love you Eva"

To be Continued...