Debt is really sexy!' Witty student poses for provocative gradation shoot surrounded by all her overdue bills to poke fun at the sky-high cost of her college education

Debt is sexy! College graduate Maigan Kennedy, who studied at Meredith College, in Raleigh, North Carolina, decided to highlight the sky-high cost of her education, while posing for graduation photos 
    Maigan Kennedy, a senior at Meredith College, in Raleigh, North Carolina, decided to do something different for her traditional graduation photos
    In addition to proving that 'debt is sexy', Maigan also used the opportunity to apologize to her parents for studying theater
    She posted the images on Imgur, where they became an instant hit

Starting your adult life with crippling student loan debt is undoubtedly stressful, but one college student found the humor in her predicament and posed for a provocative graduation photoshoot while surrounded by all of her bills.
Maigan Kennedy, a senior at Meredith College in Raleigh, North Carolina, had some fun with her graduation photos and drew attention to the fact that she - like many other college students - will be leaving school thousands of dollars in debt. 
In the images taken by Areon Multimedia, Maigan set out to prove that 'debt is sexy' while simultaneously apologizing to her parents for getting a bachelor of arts degree in theater. 

Something different: The theater student also took the chance to apologize to her parents - to whom she dedicated this image in particular - for not choosing a different major   A bit of everything! In addition to the funny photos, which also saw Maigan posing with a trophy to mark her debt, the college graduate also posed for some more serious shots

When she shared the images on Imgur on Tuesday, she explained that she had her graduation pictures taken the day before while noting that the photoshoot 'started out pretty chill' before they 'got artsy'.

'This one's for my Mamaw, [sic]' she captioned one of the more traditional photos of herself posed in her cap and gown.

However, the images took a unique spin as she posed with a small trophy that has the word 'debt' splashed across the front.

'I got a prize,' she wrote. 'But I don't want it.'

Another picture sees her holding up a cardboard sign that reads: 'Will run lines for food.'

'Sorry about the BA in Theatre, mom and dad,' she wrote.
Strike a pose: The images were shared on Imgur, where they quickly gained hundreds of thousands of fans  
You win! 'I got a prize, but I don't want it,' Maigan said of her debt trophy 
Overdue! Maigan found herself being contacted by plenty of other graduates who wanted to share their own stories of debt, including one person who said they had an 'MA in English and Games Studies'  
But the best images from the series are the ones where Maigan is posed lying on the ground surrounded by her 'overdue' student loan bills.

Maigan cleverly captioned the images: 'Debt is sexy' and 'Sallie Mae centerfold', referencing the student loan company.

'Void of my arts commentary, the shoot stands to represent the state of many (dare I say most?) American college students upon graduation,' she explained in the comments section of her post.

The images have been viewed more than 197,000 times, and many noted that they also chose majors they loved rather than those that would increase their earning potential.

'I got a BA in philosophy. We can be in the poor people club together,' one person wrote, while another added: 'I'll do you one better - MA in English and Games Studies. I'm what they call and "advanced barista".'

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