Vagina is a self cleaning organ. So, no vigorous cleaning is required in this area. All you need to do is to wash the area twice a day with plain water using bare hands.

Take plain water in a bucket, do not put any extra thing (soap, antiseptic, etc.) in it. Clean your hands and trim nails to avoid any injury to the area. Now wash the area gently using your finger tips for rubbing where required. You do not need any soap, gel or shampoo to clean the area. Move your finger tips gently in the area to clean from inside out – the opening, the inner lip, the outer lip and the outer portion including pubic hair. *Internal cleaning of the vaginal canal is not required.

Girls need to know that the vagina is a self cleaning organ. It produces healthy microbial flora and certain chemicals to keep itself clean and free from diseases. This good flora and chemicals flow from inside out. So if we clean the vagina from within (douching), these protective chemicals get drained away. Similarly, using soaps may also wash off this protective layer, thereby making it vulnerable to dryness and infections.

Soaps and other washing gels also irritate the soft skin and mucosa of the area, that may cause an allergic reaction and inflammation of the area. They also remove the slimy mucous layer rendering the area dry and prone to allergies and infections.

*Though many people may tell you to wash your private parts vigorously, scrub with soap or douche it; from medical point of view, these practices are not recommended.

All we need to remove while washing the area is smegma which is a white looking substance . It is formed by accumulation of dead skin cells, oil produced in the area, some dead bacteria and various feminine secretions. All these are swept automatically and collected around the clitoris and labial folds.

Even a natural or herbal soap would over clean the region, washing away the good bacteria, which are actually required for defence there.

After cleaning, just keep the area dry. Wear loose cotton underwears. This is suggested because cotton fabric absorb any extra moisture in the area. If you observe pimples-like structure there, never squeeze or scratch those pimples. They may get infected.
If there is any pain or discharge from them, it would be suggestive of an infection. Then an antibiotic cream application would be required. Eat healthy. Let your diet include more of fresh fruits and cooked vegetables. Cut down on fatty stuff. This reduces overall occurrence of pimples.
Stay physically active for a good blood circulation. While poor hygiene may lead to infections, excessive washing can also be dangerous.

The vagina of girls has a protective acidic pH which is mainly maintained by lactobacilli, a bacteria which stays there in a natural way. This pH does not let any fungus (yeast) or other pathogenic bacteria to grow in the vagina.
Excessive washing of the region washes away this natural bacteria and disturbs the pH there. This makes the region prone to growths of fungi and other pathogenic (disease causing) bacteria.

Other Causes That Disturb the Vaginal pH are taking a lot of antibiotics, Using excess of douches and washes for vagina and using scented products on genital area. Therefore the pH of the region has to be maintained.

Avoid using any perfumed product like deodorant or sprays for your genitalia. Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables as they are very effective in restoring back the vaginal pH. Eat yogurt daily. It has the required bacilli which maintains the vaginal pH. Wear loose cotton under wears, at least when at home. Avoid eating too much of sugary stuff or carbohydrate diet. Stay clean!!!