APC Senators Advise Saraki to Resign

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All Progressive Congress Members in the senate has advised the senate president to resign following the allegations and his case with the code of conduct tribunal. Following the fresh witnesses that surfaced during the trial which see that Saraki will likely go down with the case
In one of the fresh witness at the tribunal who say about 900,000 naira was paid to Saraki’s account 50 times in a day and that also the senate president use tax payer money to settle his personal debt, the case also say Saraki’s ploy to use the act Bola Tinubu use to survive the Tribunal during his Trial hit stone block and make it likely for Saraki to dance to the tune of the tribunal.
The APC senators has advised Saraki to resign for better, this has made the PDP to withdraw their support for Saraki since its becoming clearer that saraki might be convicted.