7 confessions of a single girl

When you've been single for a while, people start doling out all sorts of unsolicited advice. Most of the time they have no clue what they are talking about and all a single girl can do is smile and nod. But, here's what's going on in her mind, behind that polite smile!

loserThey Say--'You're so pretty, it's shocking you've been single so long!' She thinks--'Only if being pretty was enough! Don't make me feel like a BIG LOSER!

freedomThey say--'Enjoy the freedom while you are single.' She thinks--'I don't want to be FREE, I want to be shackled up!'

making first moveThey say--'Make the first move!' She thinks--'Like you have the guts!'

picky womanThey say--'You are too picky!' She thinks --'Would you date a dude who rides a scooty?'

single girlsThey (other single women) say--'Yayy!! We're single!' She thinks--'Sour Grapes!'

waitingThey Say--'All good things come to those who wait!' She thinks--'I am fine with 'okay' things, gimme a boyfriend NOW!!'

fish in the seaThey say--'You must be open to possibilities, look around, there's plenty of fish in the sea!' She thinks--'I am open to all sorts of possibilities, but I live in a dead sea!'