6 ways to turn your husband's ‘no’ into a ‘yes’ in bed

S&R- How to get your man in mood-THS
It's a misconception that women do not crave sex as much as men do? Women are not above expressing their carnal desires. But then at times, there can be a time mismatch. Like your man is exhausted or reeling from the shock of a cricket match that India just lost, and you want action desperately. If he says ‘no’ to you, here are some things you can do to get him in the mood.

Run fingers through his hair
Run your fingers through his hair: When he just dumps himself on the bed and refuses any fun, run your fingers softly through his hair. This will relax him and loosen up the tension and yes this is one of the moves that can also get him excited. In fact, running your fingers through his hair should be the start of an exciting foreplay. Girl, give it a try tonight.

Bite and lick him
Bite and lick him: But in the right places. If you go wrong here, you might ruin the whole night. If yours is a long-standing relationship, sure you know his erogenous zones by now – ears, nape of the neck, chin – hit on the right spots.

Expose yourself bit-by-bit
Do a striptease: Okay, you are excited for sure, but taking off all your clothes might not excite right him now. No there is nothing wrong with you; he has seen you like that probably way too much. So build up the excitement bit-by-bit. Pouting, a little cleavage show, or swaying your hips to a sexy number can just make him grab you by the waist.

Show him porn
Show him porn: Just make sure he doesn’t get carried away seeing and satisfying himself virtually, which is a possibility in most men. Show him enough porn to just make him get up and get ready for some action.

Kiss gently
Kiss gently: Once he is under your spell, kiss but kiss passionately not like his wild cat, because you are still not sure if you have got him excited enough to move it to the next level. So go slow with your kiss.

Get into role play
Get into role play: When he starts to respond to your moves, get into a role play anything that works for you or worked before. Especially, when he is not in the mood don’t try something very new go with the tried and tested tricks. If being a sultry secretary worked before, try doing the same.