6 facts about sex after pregnancy you need to know

Everyone knows that sex life goes for a toss post pregnancy and childbirth. It is difficult for you and your partner to be on the same page, especially at nights when you are drop-dead tired. What more? Sex could also be more pain that pleasure during the initial months post delivery, and this has nothing to do with the love you nurture for each other. Here are some facts about sex after pregnancy that you should know.
You cannot have sex for at least six weeksYou cannot have sex for at least six weeks after delivery: Whether it is a normal delivery or a C-section, your doctor will advise you to stay off sex for the initial six weeks. But don’t be too happy, a women’s sex drive can take up to two years to return to normalcy.

It feels different the first timeIt feels different the first time: When you have sex after your delivery, be prepared to not expect some out-of-the-world experience out of it. The hormonal changes, demands of the newborn, sleeplessness -- all can take a toll on your body, and it might feel like a whole new experience.

Vaginal dryness can be a dampenerVaginal dryness can be a dampener: If you are breastfeeding, your estrogen levels are at its all time low, and that could lead to vaginal dryness which makes sex, even more, painful.

Your libido goes for a tossYour libido goes for a toss: Oxytocin, that is secreted in new mothers to help bond with the baby also decreases her libido. However, the same is true for the father also. Vasopressin, a hormone secreted in men which enable him to bond with the baby, decreases his libido too.

You might have to satisfy yourselves with quickiesYou might have to satisfy yourselves with quickies: Even after you stop breastfeeding or your hormones stop bothering you both, a long unwinding sex session might still be out of the question. Quickies will be a whole new ball game to quench your desire and give you the pleasure of physical intimacy.

Sex will have a different meaningSex will have a different meaning: After childbirth, sex might not be all those wild role plays and trying new exciting positions, it could transform to a more gentle bonding session that calls for more emotional bonding than being just a physical act.