Social Media Has Stolen My Husband From Me.

I have been married for four years now. I won’t say we’ve not had our ups and downs but it’s been on a light note compared to what is happening now.

It all started when we wanted to buy a new car. Hubby wanted to buy from one of his friends who sells abroad. So, he sent pictures of the car to me via Whatsapp to show hubby since he wasn’t on any of the social media platforms. Subsequently, he disturbed hubby to download Whatsapp so he could send the pictures to him directly and he accepted.
Not too longer after, my brother came around and hubby told him to download the app for him. He did immediately and also activated a Facebook account for him – that was how the problem in my once peaceful home started as now, hubby spends every minute on Facebook and Whatsapp.

What worries me even more is that all his friends on Facebook are girls and he’s always the first to chat them up
very early in the morning, even before talking to me.

Recently, I saw a Whatsapp message he sent to his married friend complementing her curves, telling her how sexy and tempting her ass is and all that. I got furious because he never pays me compliments despite the fact that I always do. I’m not bad looking, and even after two kids, I’m a size 14. So, I confronted him and he apologized.

Still, I got another shocker yesterday when I saw a message he sent to a girl whom he claimed he doesn’t know. He had used endearments like ‘sweetie’ and all. As usual, I confronted him, he apologized and I forgave him. However, today again, my 3-year-old son opened his Whatsapp page and gave the phone to me only for me to see where my hubby asked a girl, ‘When was the last time that ass was fucked?’ It really broke my heart.

I confronted him angrily but he didn’t say anything. I had to just leave the house. I drove down to church to cool off and when I came back, he was carrying on as if nothing happened. I am not against him chatting with girls but as a married man that he his, there are some things that he shouldn’t be discussing with girls.

Besides, he has a calling to serve in the ministry as an evangelist, so, this whole thing is really tearing me apart. I want the house to advise me on what to do because as it is, I’m already tired of this marriage.