Russia president keeps ironing board in office

Vladimir Putin

A lot of social media users have made a joke of the Russian president based on the unconfirmed object in his office.
A viral image of an ironing board in the office of the President ofRussiaVladimir Putin, has circulated the internet.
The ironing board was pictured behind the President, as he was having a meeting with his Foreign Secretary, Sergey Lavrov.

Vladimir Putinplay
Vladimir Putin sitting with what looks like an ironing board at the background
 (Daily Mail)

Some jokingly asked why he was ironing his clothes in the office and why did not put it away for such an important meeting in Moscow.
The Kremlin has however come out to correct the misconceptions, stating that such items are not allowed within the premises of the president’s office.
Russia's official press service claimed that the object is 'air disinfection screen' which purifies the air in public spaces including hospitals.
“As for everything that concerns the decor of the office of the head of state, these things are strictly protocoled by the presidential administration. “
“Every little thing that you can see there is not incidental, everything has its place, and the appearance of all items in the president's office is strictly coordinated with all these departments.”
According to the Kremlin, he disinfection screen protects Putin from potentially dangerous pathogens which visitors may bring into the office.