Retired lawyer, 62, demands a refund and threatens citizen's arrest after Key West stripper refuses to have sex with him

  • John Ciardi narrowly avoided getting arrested after making a scene at Living Dolls club in Key West, Florida, Wednesday 
  • Ciardi, 62, from Massachusetts, grew irate after a stripper refused to have sex with him, or to refund $200 he had offered her for services 
  • He threatened to make a citizen's arrest after a police officer declined to arrest the stripper 
  • Ciardi was charged with drug offenses in Utah in 2012 and disbarred in the state two years later  

A retired lawyer from Massachusetts threatened to take matters into his own hands when a Florida stripper refused to have sex with him or refund his money, according to police.
The bizarre incident took place at the Living Dolls club in Key West, where 62-year-old John Ciardi arrived on Wednesday evening seeking female company.
Ciardi, who has a history of drug charges and other offenses in Utah, told a patrolman that he paid adult entertainer Marianny Benitez $300 for 'services,' but the stripper refused to have sex with him, and she would not give him back the money.
When interviewed by the officer, Ms Benitez said the patron initially handed her $100 for a lap dance, which she performed for him. He then gave her another $200 for additional favors, which she declined to grant him.
At that point, Benitez said Ciardi became upset and demanded a refund.
Benitez went to her boss, Marissa Hernandez, who refused to return the money to Ciardi. The unhappy customer turned aggressive, according to the club manager, and threatened her with physical violence and her establishment with destruction.
Hernandez said she then grabbed a can of pepper spray for protection and called police.
The responding patrolman met Mr Ciardi outside the club on Fleming Street and informed him that he will not be arresting anyone.
According to the cop’s incident report, cited by, the 62-year-old lawyer did not take the news well and launched into a foul-mouth tirade, accusing him of shielding the strip club and shirking his responsibilities as a law enforced officer.