Pics: Kenya Man Masturbates Publicly While Watching University Girls In Schl Bus

According to Mpasho news, Kenyans have been thrown into shock with the video of a man captured in Nairobi showing him thirsting on some university girls from a far.

At some point, he COULD NOT TAKE IT ANYMORE.

This resulted in him grabbing his shaft and STARTING TO MAS.TURBATE
FURIOUSLY. His fire up time was faster than that of an accelerating Bugatti.

One needs to feel sorry for him if this is the furthest he can go while getting laid in bed.

Other concern is, what if his girlfriend or wife sees this? Would she ever forgive him?

“Am I not sexy enough for you”, we suppose that would be the first question.

Anyway, he went on to have some seismic orgasm. You should see his face LMAO!