Oyo state APC mourns the passing of barrister wale diya

In the message put out by the state governor senator isiak ajimobi, he said barrister wale officer was a great party man and an officer

The message reads that oyo state apc losses a legal officer. 
The governor said they have been mourning following the sudden demise of the barrister, who died at the university college hospital UCH following his brief illness,  he was 48yrs of age. 
Olawale sadare the oyo state APC director of  publicity and strategy in his statement described the officer has an enterprising legal practitioner, a loyal party member and a complete gentleman who will be missed by his family and friends. His contributions to the former ACN in 2011 and APC in 2015 will go down well in history. 
May God give his family fortitude to bear the loss.