'It hasn't been easy': Surfer who lost his leg to a shark attack in Hawaii FIVE months ago is preparing to hit the waves with new prosthetic leg

  • Colin Cook (pictured) is preparing to hit the waves after losing his left leg to a shark attack in Hawaii five months ago. He currently goes surfing now, but needs the help of his friends as he's unable to stand up on the surf board by himself at the moment  
  • Colin Cook is ready to return to surfing only five months after shark attack
  • He lost his left leg while surfing in Hawaii when a tiger shark attacked him 
  • Now he is using a new prosthetic leg and preparing to hit the waves
  • Cook practices pop-ups for surfing and he's been able to ride a bike

  • A Rhode Island man, who lost his leg while surfing when a shark attacked him, has a new prosthetic leg and is preparing to hit the waves. 
    It's only been five months since Colin Cook was attacked by a tiger shark while surfing Oahu's North Shore in Hawaii. 

    His left leg was amputated as a result of the attack by a 10 to 12 foot tiger shark. 
    But now he's moving on a new prosthetic leg that he's been walking on for about three weeks.  
    Cook hopes to move back to Hawaii, where he has his own business building surf boards
    He said: 'It hasn't been easy and I've been taking it one day at a time.'
    The 25-year-old said 'it's almost like re-learning how to walk'.  
    Last October, Cook said 'it was just like any other day' when he went out to surf in an area that was right across the street from where he was living. 
    'I was out there for a couple hours and out of nowhere I was just pulled under by a shark,' he said.