I’ll love to rap like Phyno — Ikechukwu

Gone are the days when you need to have an American or British accent to be a successful rapper. The times have changed and the local lyricists have become the Lords of the Manor.Potpourri ran into ‘Wind Am Well’ rapper, Ikechukwu, recently  confirmed this much to us. Responding to a question on whether he thinks indigenous rap has taken over the entertainment arena, he said, ‘Yes, indigenous rap has taken over. Not because it’s stronger than universal (English) rap, but it’s easier to understand; especially for the mass market. As a matter of fact, if I could rap like Phyno, I’d be rapping a little more like him. But I am who I am anyway. Indigenous rap is definitely dope, and it’s rocking right now, as well as opening more doors for a lot of people.’ Shedding light on what he has been up to recently, Ikechukwu stated, ‘I’ve just been taking a little time off; working on some stuff outside entertainment. I’ve also been taking some classes in Film Editing…I’ve taken a big dive into the movie world and TV. It’s like a 360° turn because that’s where I started from initially. I’ve done a couple of movies and TV series including Gidi Up.’ Ikechukwu, who is getting set to mark his 10th year anniversary in the industry, revealed that he would be celebrating the milestone with the release of a mixtape, a golden album, and a concert.