God is angry with buhari - Fayose

The governor of ekiti state mr ayodele fayose has lambasted president buhari that God is angry with him following the killings that is happening in the country since he took charge of the country affairs. 

Despite his vows that he will stop attacking the president he said God is angry with the blood shed happening in the state. 
Speaking on the violence that erupt from the rivers election over the weekend,  he said the president stood by watching the incedent happened and he did nothing. 
Tye governor said that the utmost power belong to God and nobody can abuse the power bestowed on them. 
Oppressing, cutting the people down and causing their bloodshed God is angry.  Inocent people are killed go to rivers state,  akwa ibom state, bayelsa state  to see for yourself said the governor, innocent lives are lost due to idleness of this government
Look at my prediction for this year 2016 it has all come to pass
He said the situation is a different ball game, he that will defeat him must defeat God first. 
He said if this were the violence rocking the election before will buhari become president he asked
Speaking on the current National Economic Retsaid (NEC) meeting he said that the present economic situation is a clear indication that buhari lack technical capabilities to solve nigeria's problem. 
The Governor argued that the state of emergency declered in ekiti and rivers state might not work 
Fayose said the possibility of declaring state of emergency in rivers is slim because power has already gone back to the people.