EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: I Can't Go Completely Nude For A Photoshoot, What Is Nudity Promoting? - Glory Oyome

Meet EmilojuTaraBlog Face Of The Week For Week 2. Her Name is Glory Oyome, a Student Of Delta State University Studying Geography and Regional Planning. 

She's Fun to be with and Jovial. You want to know more about Her, Read The Interview Below: 

Can we Meet you??

Yeah i'm Glory Oyome.

So Miss Glory, how do you feel about emerging as the Winner of Real Famz/EmilojuTaraBlog Face Of the Week??

I feel happy and honoured.*smiles*

So Tell Us about your Background??

About my family background,we are 9,my late dad, My mom and 7 children.  I'm the last child. My mom is a fashion designer.

About my Educational Background, I attended Agape Private school then Eleyele Grammar School Ibadan. I'm now in Delta State University  Studying Geography and Regional planning.

Wow that's cool so what do you really have passion for??

I have so much passion for Modelling.

Wow You sure you really got what it takes to be a Professional Model??

Yes I do. It's within me.

Have You participated in any Modelling Competition??

No because I'm into Commercials.

Wow that's good. What are the challenges you face as an Upcoming Model??

The challenges I face right now is photographers trying to tell you to dress indecently when you know its not the right thing to do.

Hmm so You saying You can't go completely Nude for a Modelling Shoot??

No I cant. You know you have to do something's that your Parents ,Pastors and Well wishers will be proud of.  What is nudity promoting?

Wow that's good to hear from You but What if You are paid a huge amount of Money, would You go nude for a Cover Photoshoot of a Magazine??

*smiles* Lol No, I won't.

You really gorgeous, I'm sure lots of Guys would be calling so are You into a Relationship or Single And Searching??

Lol.Yes sure I am fully involved with someone so I'm not Single.

So Where Do You see Yourself in the next 2-3 Years?

I see myself in bigger places, achieving my Goals.

If You were to have a super power, What would that be??

Helping the Innocent People.

So How do You cope with Schooling and Modelling??

Its had been easy with the Help of God. My course is not really hard and I love taking Pictures so I don't see that as a problem to me.

Wow that's cool so what do you have to say to Real Famz /EmilojuTaraBlog viewers??

I would like to tell them to put God first always and remain focused in whatever they do. They should never give up no matter how hard, they should always keep moving forward. 

Good to have You here Glory and ETB wishes you all the best in your Academics and Modelling Career.

Thanks Boss.