Beef Squashed! P'Square And SoundCity Finally Reconcile (Photos)

In September 2015, Psquare and Soundcity TV were involved in a bitter twitter war Soundcity, had stopped airing videos by Nigeria’s pop twins, P-Square, since January of that year. They had invited the singing duo to an event but they insisted Sound City pay a certain amount of money. While trying to negotiate, Jude Okoye, their the manager had pointed out ‘What has Soundcity ever done for P-Square? Tell me one thing Soundcity has ever done for PSquare’ For that reason Sound City stopped airing Psquare's music videos. All these was revealed during the twitter war between Sound City and Psquare last year, but the good news today is both parties have agreed for peace to reign.

While Peter Okoye is somewhere out there having good thoughts about his new single “Look into My Eyes”, the other half of Psquare, Paul Okoye was seen on Instagram with a top management staff of Soundcity TV. I wonder why the twins have been doing things solo... Anyway, Paul Okoye posted these photos below and the caption let us know that the beef has finally been squashed (without Peter)