Angry Wife Of Football Coach Hacks His Twitter Account | Exposes His Affair.

A woman who has been cheated on has zero chills, I mean, literally NO CHILLS AT ALL!!!
So here’s what went down with a woman who was cheated on and apparently didn’t take it well… The assistant manager of the Hartlepool United had his affair exposed by his furious wife, who hacked into his Twitter account.

Sam Collins, was accused by is furious wife of cheating in a series of tweets on his personal account which were later deleted.
Collins’ wife Clare denied that she deleted the tweets from his account – but confirmed her feelings – when questioned.
Replying to a tweet from former footballer Leon Knight, she wrote: “not me I don’t give a **** who sees it I hope he feels as meaningless as I do !”
Speaking to The Sun, she said:
“I tweeted it. But I don’t want to say anything more for the sake of our children.”
Collins himself claimed he is no longer seeing the other woman. He said:
“I came home yesterday to tell her everything. I was hoping it was something we would deal with between us.
“Claire has done what she has done with it. She’s put it on Twitter.
When asked if his affair was over, he said: “I have not even spoken to her since yesterday… but it will be.”
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