Aluta 9th Mar. 2016 @ University of ibadan

Right now at International Conference Centre (ICC),University of Ibadan,there's a serious protest going on by the NASU body.
The 2015/2016 orientation programme,was going on when the protesters stormed into the ICC hall and started beating up students and throwing chairs.

Students were sent out of the hall,they even threatened to beat the vice-chancellor.
At least,there are two casualties as at now,one an asthma patient and the other was injured in the leg. To make matters worst the asthma patient's inhaler happened to get lost and was taken to the nearest hospital,but they don't have one.
We were not opportuned to take pictures,those that took pictures with their phones,were asked to delete the pictures immediately. It has been said that the matriculation might not hold tomorrow.
Presently there is an attempt to shut down all halls and lecture theathres.
May God Have Mercy Upon Us!
Where do we go from here.