Agbowo Complex has been Closed down.

The famous shopping complex at Agbowo opposite University of Ibadan is on lock down, following the developmental preceedings by the government. 

The complex is said to be in its worst condition as the managing of the famous complex is so poor that you can find some segment of the hall been used as dumping site for refuse.
Some of the buildings in the complex are been abandoned due poor maintenance. 
There has been some sort of notification for the occupant of the complex but they felt it was not likely that they will come and close the entire building up,  To the surprise of many all the entrance to the complex were completely sealed off with brick and the gates were completely sealed off and all the occupant were denied access to their officies and shops. 
This was shock to many of the occupant as they have no place to work presently and have to sort for a place not too far in an already tight business enviroment like agbowo.

Reports also have it that there are issues of the ownership of the complex between the government and oodua plc, but investigation is still going on to assert that issue.