8 Misplaced Attributes Guys Check In A Lady That Land Them Into Bad Relationship

Despite the saying that all that glitters is not gold, many guys are still being swayed by mere physical appearance/attributes of a lady without thorough or proper evaluation to know if truly these attributes complement the heart.

However, many guys tend to be disappointed and discouraged to stay in a relationship when they later discover that what they thought she is, is not truly what she is.

The following points buttress the misplaced attributes guys check in a lady that often land them into bad relationship/ marriage.

1. Gigantic Butt and Bosoms

I believe that what defines a lady is not the size of butts and bosoms but tell this to some guys and watch them tear you to pieces. Once a lady has huge bosoms and backside, they don't care if her attitude is bad or not. They will try to gain her love and at the end of the day, they will end up regretting because the lady in question only has huge bosoms and but nothing upstairs.

2. Beauty

No doubt beauty remains one of the major reasons why guys approach a lady but what beats my imagination is that, ironically, a lady can be so pretty but won't be able to compute a simple arithmetic. I mean, could it be that these guys are extremely senseless to have chosen a beautiful lady who can't engage in intellectual discussions. To a broad view, one who marries because of beauty may not find joy in that relationship.

3. Skin colour

In Nigeria, guys normally over-hype fair skinned ladies while neglecting black skinned ladies making it look like being fair in complexion is a blessing and that being dark is a curse. I still don't know what skin colour has got to do with good/fruitful marital life. In fact, this neglect and discrimination cause low self esteem to our dark skinned ladies and therefore triggers competition when many of our ladies resort to bleaching.

4. Experienced in several sex positions

The world has gone weird that you will hear some guys saying they cannot date/marry a lady who is not experienced in sex let alone a virgin lady. Most guys are obsessed with ladies who during love making give them scissors-kick style, cow girl, reverse cow, hot doggy, girl style, devastating bllow job etc. The truth of the matter is that infidelity is their watchword when you can't satisfy their high libido. Prof Tosyne and Dr Ronald4lif can bear me witness. 

5. Angelic voice

Some guys can urinate on their body when they exchange contact with a lady they met online, only to ring her up and discover that her voice is as angelic as that of Celine Dion. But when they get to meet this lady offline, she will look exactly like Julius Agwu. They will be disappointed and will look for a way to dismiss her. This is to say that sweet voice has landed many guys into wrong choice.

6. Rich Background

The fact that a lady is from a rich background doesn't mean she will be giving you her father's money. The erroneous belief of many guys is that when a lady is from a rich background, they have narrowly escaped from poverty when they date her, not knowing that their financial troubles just begun. This kind of ideology can send such guys to early grave if care is not taking.

7. She's a regular church goer

The fact that a lady is a committed worker in church or mosque doesn't mean she will become a good wife. In fact, some of them are even worse than we could ever imagine. Guys just need to be very careful so as not to be deceived by these ladies lifestyle because even the perceived wayward ladies may actually be the best wife.

8. Body stature

When you ask question to guys on how they want the body stature of their girlfriend or wife to be, you will hear funny answers such as "I don't want orobo or too skinny ladies o", "I can't marry a muscular lady because she won't be romantic and will end up beating me", etc. Lol, anyway what if you marry your preferred body stature and she turns out to be a nightmare in marriage