3 bad girl sex tricks to try tonight

Follow these tips to take your sex life from plain vanilla to red-hot naughty.

No matter how good you are in bed, there are things you can do to make sure you get better. It is important to not only find more ways to please your partner but figure out how to make things hotter for you too.

These three naughty-girl tips will help you hype up the bedroom fun.

1. Naughty foreplay

It is not just ladies who enjoy some warm up to amp up the excitement. Men also like things that turn them on and make them anticipate the real deal. It does not even have to start in the bedroom either. Tease your man outside the bedroom with sexy texts: “Can’t even say what I’m going to do to you later…” Or if you have the bad girl nerve, feel free to get dirty in your texts: “I can’t wait for you to come all over my face tonight.
You can also send a suggestive photo via text. It doesn’t have to be a nude pic, just so long as it gets him going. For example, send him a picture of some sexy lingerie on your bed and tell him you’re saving it for when you see him.

2. Dirty talking
This sex trick is wildly fantastic since it can be applied to any time of day or action. Whether you’re sending a text from work or riding him on the couch, no man has ever said no to a little dirty word. It can be awkward or difficult to think of something to say, so know a little can stretch a long way.
In fact, if you play your cards right you can get him off hard with just a couple of dirty phrases and a whole lot of moaning. Some great phrases for dirty talk include:
“I want you in my mouth.”
“I want your come all over me.”
“You’re going to make me come so hard.”
Remember, it’s not what you say, really, but how you say it. Ooze charisma and confidence. If you believe it, so will he.

3. Grab *him*

Just because his member is inside you doesn’t mean you can’t still give it a grab. Reaching down and allowing your hand to stroke him as he comes in and out of you is totally hot, and it acts almost like an extended vagina. The mix of texture and sensation will feel amazing on his dick.