Rise of the nip and butt tuck: More than ever are going under the cosmetic knife - with buttock lifts the fastest growing op

More people are going under the knife for plastic surgery than ever before, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.  Of the 15.9 million cosmetic procedures in 2015, the most common were breast augmentation and Botox injections, meanwhile the fastest growing op was a buttock lift
    There were a 15.9 million cosmetic procedures performed in the US in 2015
    That's a 115% increase since 2000, according to top surgeons
    Breast augmentation and Botox injections are among the most popular
    But, there were also increases in breast lifts and buttocks lifts
    And, more men are going under the knife than ever before
    Most notably, men accounted for 40% of breast reduction surgeries
It was long thought to be reserved for the rich and famous.

But latest figures reveal a surge in the number of people opting to go under the knife for a nip here, and a tuck there.
And while the usual suspects - boob and nose jobs - still feature in the top five coveted procedures, there has been a rise in the more unusual.

More people are going to consult with their plastic surgeons for buttock lifts - the fastest growing procedure last year - eyelid surgery and other more obscure surgeries.

And, perhaps more notable, is the fact that for the first time men account for 40 per cent of those people opting to have plastic surgery.

There were 15.9 million cosmetic procedures performed in the US in 2015, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

The infographic above illustrates the top cosmetic procedures in 2015
That figure represents a staggering 115 per cent increase since 2000 – with notable rises in breast lifts, buttocks lifts and lower body lifts.

More men than ever are undergoing cosmetic procedures – including breast reduction surgeries to tackle the plight of the moobs.

Dr David Song, president of the ASPS, said: ‘While more traditional procedures and breast agumentations are still among the most popular, we’re seeing much more diversity in the areas of the body patients are choosing to address.’

In previous years, the term ‘plastic surgery’ was almost entirely synonymous with facelifts.

Yet, for the first time since 2000, facelifts have fallen out of the top five most-performed cosmetic surgical procedures for last year.