'Get in the plane and go home. It's over there': Donald Trump is caught on mic cold-shouldering his newest endorser Chris Christie as he tears into 'little Marco' Rubio

BEFORE THE SNUB: Donald Trump and Chris Christie exited the billionaire's private Boeing 757 in Millington, Tennessee together, but moments later Trump seemed to be telling him to get on another plane and go home
    Donald Trump was caught on a hot mic shuffling Chris Christie off the stage after hearing his ringing endorsement in Tennessee
    Christie had just slammed Marco Rubio as a no-show senator and praised Trump as a no-nonsense businessman
    Rubio has given Trump no end of heartburn since Thursday's debate in Houston
    'Two-thirds of the Republican Party has been waiting for someone to land a glove on him, and it's not like anyone is going to feel sorry for him. What's not to like?' a Rubio aide said
SUNSETS WITH DONALD: Trump gave his second speech of the day following another airport hangar stop in Bentonville, Arkanssa 
ENDORSEMENT TOUR": Christie, the governor of New Jersey, has been a fixture on Trump's campaign circuit since he gave his endorsement on Friday afternoon

The theme music from Harrison Ford's movie 'Air Force One' blared over loudspeakers in a rural Tennessee airport hangar, and minutes later a less presidential noise wafted over a hot mic.

'Get in the plane and go home. It's over there. Go home.'

That was Donald Trump, the Republican presidential front-runner, telling his newest endorser Chris Christie in front of 12,000 people exactly where to go and how to get there.

Christie had just sung The Donald's praises following the dramatic entrance of his plane in a stunt the campaign invented a month ago in Dubuque, Iowa.

And more importantly, he had trashed Marco Rubio.
The boyish Florida senator who has given Trump his share of heartburn in recent days, Christie told thousands clumped shoulder-to-shoulder, 'said he's gonna work as hard as he can as long as he can to win the Republican nomination.'

'That would be something new for Marco Rubio – to show up to work at all!'

'How about a refund, Senator Rubio?' he asked of the senator who has skipped more hearings on Capitol Hill than he's attended in five years on the job.

Christie and Trump had strode down a set of tarmac stairs from what Rubio now calls 'Hair Force One' to the strains of Marc Cohn's 'Walking in Memphis,' a hat tip to the music city just a half hour's drive away.

A deafening roar set the scene. Christie knocked young Marco out of the park. And then Trump showed him the back of his hand.

It was, as one Twitter wag opined, the political political equivalent of leaving the money on the nightstand.
'MAKING AMERICA HATE AGAIN': One leftist protester crashed Trump's party, and The Donald's supporters tore up his protest sign 'MAKING AMERICA HATE AGAIN': One leftist protester crashed Trump's party, and The Donald's supporters tore up his protest sign    

JUST ONE PROBLEM: When Trump called for security to remove the protester, the crowd was so densely packed that no one could reach the man for four minutes 

Christie actually stuck around for Trump's speech, but the impact of a 9-second video clip of Trump sending him off rocketed around the Internet in mere seconds.

Trump is laboring to provide voters a set of stark contrasts – between career politicians and businessmen, between public servants on the take and altruistic populists.

Instead, the message his quick dismissal of Christie sent is one of short-selling loyalty, and Rubio's upstart campaign may well take advantage of it.

Trump has found himself hammered in recent days by Rubio, a first-term Florida senator 25 years his junior who has tried to beat the billionaire at his own schoolyard-taunt game.

Suddenly aggressive and pugnacious, Rubio has openly mocked The Donald's occasionally misspelled tweets and made a joke in a stump speech about the possibility that Trump may have wet himself during Thursday's debate in Houston.

A Rubio aide familiar with campaign strategy told DailyMail.com on condition of anonymity that it was 'a conscious decision' to take a harder line with Trump beginning on debate night.

'The timing was right,' he said, 'and the opening was there. It was easy.'

'Two-thirds of the Republican Party has been waiting for someone to land a glove on him, and it's not like anyone is going to feel sorry for him. What's not to like?'

Trump stole his thunder right back on Friday with a stunning endorsment from Christie, the New Jersey governor and former White House candidate who had dismantled Rubio during a New Hampshire debate a month earlier.

By Saturday the ball was back in Rubio's court.
MARCOMENTUM: Florida Sen. Marco Rubio has trashed Trump at every opportunity, mocking his 'spray tan' and suggesting he's a litigious blowhard   
THE ANTI-TRUMPETERS: Rubio's crowd mad it clear Saturday in Georgia who they won't be voting for
Indulging in his latst campaign parlor game – reading Trump's tweets aloud with the encouragement of a few thousand fans – Rubio said in Kennesaw, Georgia that the billionaire 'put out a picture of me having makeup put on me at the debate.'

'Which is amazing me to me, that the guy with the worst spray tan in America is attacking me for putting on makeup!'

'Donald Trump likes to sue people,' Rubio added. 'He should sue whoever did that to his face.'

The front-runner was not amused on Saturday in Tennessee.

'You deal with liars, you deal with major, major sleaze' in politics, he observed. 'Do we know what sleaze is?'

He's leading Rubio, he said, by 22 points in the senator's native Florida.

'If he ran in Florida today for an office, he couldn't run for dogcatcher,' trump said. 'He wouldn't be elected. ... He's unelectable. And we're going to beat him badly in Florida.'

'His new thing is he's gotta be tough now, you know, a tough guy, right? This is not a tough person, believe me.'

Trump called him 'little Marco' repeatedly.

He recounted Rubio's sale of a $179,000 Florida home to a lobyist for more than twice that amount.

'Terrible. He takes money,' the famed profit-monger said. 'And by the way the lobbyist was, I think, doing business with Florida, trying to get legislation passed.'

He returned to his well-worn critique of Rubio as a sweat-drenched 'choke artist.'
GET THERE EARLY: Hours before the venue filled up to the edges, Wesley Jones of Millington, Tennessee posed for pictures dressed as Uncle Sam 
'Can you imagine Rubio negotiating with Putin?' he asked.

'And he walks into the room and he's pouring sweat, and Putin says, "Man, what's wrong with that guy?"'

And he slipped in one double-edged slam against both Rubio and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz.

'We got double-teamed by two crooked senators,' he said of the Houston debate.

"You have one who's a liar and then you have the other one who may be a worse liar, that's Rubio.'

'I will say this: Cruz is smarter than Rubio,' Trump added in a backhanded compliment. 'I will let you know in a few months who's the better liar.'

A lone protester tried to disrupt the rally, and got what he wanted.

His sgn, reading 'Make America Hate Again,' ended up in tatters courtesy of a rally-goer who taunted the man while yelling 'Trump! Trump! Trump!'

Trump asked for police to 'get him outta here,' but that process took nearly four minutes.

The crowd was simply too densely packed for anyone to reach the dissenter.

With the sun setting and a few wadded up balls of paper hurled in his direction, he eventually was marched to the exit.

Trump was more concerned with a larger group of liberals – those whom he says can be persuaded to vote for him.

'A lot of outsiders are coming in because they like what I say,' he claimed.

'We're going to get a lot of people coming in, and we don't care where they're coming from. We've got to win, right?'

'We're going to get independents. We're going to get Democrats,' he boasted.

'If you don't get them, you're really not going to win, folks.'