Donald Trump claims Marco Rubio was profusely sweating AGAIN during fiery head-to-head in CNN debate

  • Donald Trump tried to recycle his claims that Marco Rubio is too sweaty to be president during the pair's fiery head-to-head on Thursday 
  • Donald Trump often makes jibes at Marco Rubio for 'sweating too much'
  • The real estate mogul brought up the sweat issue again after Rubio hammered him during Thursday's debate on policies and his own taxes
  • He said: 'we need someone who doesn't have whatever that is he's got'
  • Two weeks ago, he said Rubio sweats too much to negotiate with Putin
  • Donald Trump tried to recycle his claims that Marco Rubio is too sweaty to be president during the pair's fiery head-to-head on Thursday.
    The real estate mogul took a hammering from Rubio in the CNN debate on everything from healthcare policy to his own taxes.
    But Trump claims Rubio was - as always - profusely sweating with anxiety throughout.
    The real estate mogul went as far as to suggest his competitor has a condition, saying 'we need someone who doesn't have whatever that is that he's got' after the debate.
    His words appeared to be an attempt to retaliate against the Florida senator who was widely dubbed Thursday night's winner.
    While Trump's forehead is covered by his sandy mane, Rubio's side-slicked hair did expose a shiny face on Thursday. 
    However, the fiery candidate beamed, smiled and appeared relaxed as he churned out reels of research his campaign had prepared to scrutinize Trump's policies.
    It is not the first time The Donald has used Rubio's sweat as an attack.
    Last week, he mocked his competitor saying 'he is too sweaty to negotiate with Putin'.
    He referenced Rubio's awkward set-to with Chris Christie in a January debate, when he struggled to defend himself against claims he recycles the same 20-second soundbites at every appearance.
    During the debate on Thursday, Trump tried once again to remind viewers about the sweat and soundbite saga - but he was shouted down.
    It came as Rubio accused Trump of employing Polish workers instead of Americans. Trump started protesting 'that's another soundbite!'
    But an emboldened Rubio powered on to cheers, shouting: 'Google it: "Donald Trump polish workers" - you'll see it!'
    Trump's words were an apparent attempt at courting the same reaction as he did in South Carolina two weeks ago, when he had crowds roaring with laughter as he described Rubio's sweat.
    At a rally in Greenville, South Carolina shortly before the state's primary, Trump said: 'He was soaking wet, I'm telling you. He was wet... I thought he just came out of a swimming pool.
    'He was soaking. I looked, I said, "Wow". I said, "Are you OK?".' 
    But as the crowds laughed, Trump turned his light mockery into a searing dig at Rubio's political capabilities.
    'When we get in there with Putin, we need people that don't sweat, let me tell you.
    'No, it's true. Got to have people that don't sweat. Can you imagine Putin sitting there and waiting for the meeting and this guy walks in and he's like a wreck?
    'No, you got to have Trump walk into that meeting folks. We'll do very nicely. We're going to do very nicely.'